Establish a brand example of the automotive electronics industry

Distinguished leaders,Establish a brand example of the automotive electronics industry Articles ladies and gentlemen, the automotive electronics industry entrepreneurs, and the media, friends, good afternoon! Very pleased to be able to meet here with you, on behalf of the organizers of this event – HC Auto Electronics Tailored to attend the Meeting record “2011 Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony of China’s auto electronics industry leaders, guests, and corporate and media friends to express my most heartfelt thanks and warmest welcome, welcome the arrival!

The CES2011 Ford, General Motors, Toyota and other companies displayed a series of intelligent vehicle applications; TI’s 360-degree panoramic view of the parking assist system solutions, Freescale’s automotive MCU and MEMS product solutions. Automotive electronics industry, the progress of innovative technology in 2011, the industry reshuffle a wave after wave of cloud computing, Internet of Things, car networking and information technology to improve large-scale application of intelligent devices, opened the brand of low-end products distance from the main trend of the future of automotive electronics.

Today, we gather to witness the 2011 automotive electronics industry over the past year the most successful brands. Which, in previous years, we often at the mention, automotive electronics brand, today, the brand of automotive electronics industry as a whole process has been a leading automotive aftermarket industry. Since 2010, we can see that the automotive electronics, especially the audience produced products or services provided, reliable product quality, the technical application of high-end and convince the industry to promote good brand in the market outlook used auto parts does not stop. In the selection of the top ten brands of the Ten selection this year, we focus on not just this brand of the past influence on the market, pay more attention to the quality of his products. Quality and brand of each other, has become to be promulgated by 2011 ten outstanding list of automotive electronics industry.

In fact, we have found that the automotive electronics industry is entering a passion retreat after the dull period, dealers and vehicle owners pay more attention to the choice of products if it can convince reputation.